Low pressure regulator for very high flowrate

Low pressure regulator for very high flowrate

Art. 7906

The application of this single-stage low pressure regulator is everywhere, where inspite of a low inlet pressure a very high flowrate is required. This is particularly the case in distribution pipelines from liquid tanks with subsequent vaporization. The main field of application of the low pressure regulator is as line regulator.

Even with a relatively small difference between inlet and outlet pressure, the regulator stands out by a very high flowrate up to 800 Nm3 /h (for details see flow diagrams on the reverse side). Construction type single-stage disphragm regulator with a very high pressure constancy.

Thanks to the compact design, the regulator is very robust and therewith not susceptible for breakdowns. The regulator is suited for all industrial gases and gas mixtures with exception of corrosive or poisonous gases, including oxygen. Ignition test for oxygen certified by BAM.

The working pressure of the low pressure regulator is adjustable up to 12 bar. The maximum inlet pressure is 50 bar.

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Technical Data

  • Inlet pressure

    max. 50 bar

  • Outlet pressure

    0 – 12 bar

  • Maximum flowrate

    800 Nm3/h (siehe Durchflusskurven)

  • Gases

    all gases and gas mixtures except corrosive or poisonous gases

  • Inlet

    G1" inner thread

  • Outlet

    G1" inner thread (as option with nipple G1" outer thread)

  • Material

    body brass, diaphragm EPDM, sealing material EPDM/FPM/PA6/POM,

    filter made of inox wire mesh 1.4401

  • Operating temperatures

    -20 up to + 60C°

  • Weight

    3.3 kg