ECO pressure reducing valve with integrated gas-saving valve

ECO pressure reducing valve with integrated gas-saving valve


Pressure regulator ECO with built-on flowmeter and integrated gas economizer. The pressure regulator ECO was especially designed to minimise the non-productive gas consumption which occurs at the beginning of every welding operation with MIG, MAG and WIG welding and hence reduce the costs of inert gas arc welding.

The shorter the welding intervals, the greater the savings, because when using pressure regulators without integrated gas economizer there is a pressure build-up each time a welding operation is interrupted, resulting in non-productive gas consumption on each activation of the welding process. Non-productive gas consumption can be reduced by more than 50% by using the integrated gas economizer.

A higher weld quality is also obtained as a result of the uniform gas flow.

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  • Pressure regulator ECO Art.5150-EC

    Outlet pressure : working pressure of the flowmeter preset at 4.5 bar, through gas

    economizer dynamic pressure of 0.9 bar at 10 l/min

    dynamic pressure of 1.2 bar at 16 l/min

    dynamic pressure of 2 bar at 32 l/min

    Flow rate : 0 to16 l/min

    0 to 32 l/min

    Accuracy of measurement : +/- 10%

    Gas : shielding gas, argon, carbon dioxide and their mixtures

    Inlet : screw connector for cylinder

    Outlet : hose connector 3/8", 1/4"

    Art.6614 (see pressure regulator catalogue), and also Art.6616 with two flowmeters are available in a

    version with integrated gas economizer.

  • Low pressure take-off regulator ECO Art.5650-EC

    Inlet pressure : up to 20 bar

    Outlet pressure, flow rate and gases as for Art.5150-EC (see above)

    Inlet : screw connector 1/2" right (alternatively 3/8" right)

    Outlet : hose connector 3/8", 1/4"