Pressure regulator with flow meter

Pressure regulator with flow meter

Art. 5150

Pressure regulator with contents gauge and with built-on flowmeter. Integral safety valve and shut-off valve on flowmeter. The flowmeter design ensures a clear reading of the delivered flow rate. Accuracy of measurement of the flowmeter +/-10%. Available in three flow rates (see below).

When ordering, please state the gas and the desired range of flow rate.

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Technical data

  • Connection

    screw connector for cylinder

  • Outlet

    hose connector 3/8”, 1/4”

  • Gases

    AR, C, DL, N, O, N

  • Inlet pressure

    200 bar

  • Working pressure

    4,5 bar (preset)

  • Flow rate (l/min)

    0–3, 0–16 and 0–32 l/min